Mabopane Foundation


Becky Young, Mabopane Foundation President, visited Mabopane in 1998 on a mission trip. There, she found two partnering shelters striving to serve poor and disadvantaged children and provide for their basic needs with little resources. Becky's heart was touched by the many volunteers who gave genuine love and care to the children. But more than that, Becky was touched by the children themselves because in the midst of such despair, they had joy in their lives and approached every day with a smile. Becky knew that these children had been told they were loved and that there was hope.

However, Becky knew that monthly resources would be necessary in order that these children in the shelters could have some sense of security for daily living and a possibility of a better life ahead. She saw the potential in the children and began to pray about how she could invest in their lives.

With the help and support of many, Becky launched the Mabopane Foundation in 2003. Becky's passion and vision for providing food, shelter, clothing, and education for disadvantaged and orphaned children has been caught by hundreds of people. The Mabopane Foundation Board working closely with Becky has provided help to hundreds of children over the years, assisting with shelter housing, electricity, water, gas, school fees, uniforms, medicine, food, continuing education, and job skill training. This support has been very conservative and in some cases, has not been able to meet all the needs.

Thankfully, recent assistance from the South African government has helped to enable the shelters to better provide for the children.

Through the years, God has shown the Mabopane Foundation and other ministry partners the immediate need for more permanent safe housing. A great amount of time has been given to researching the best way to capture the vision in a realistic, cost effective way. Our "Building Together" campaign has been launched and the exciting news is that construction of the Ya Bana Children's Village has been started through the hands of many people in United States and in South Africa that share the same passion as Becky to see this project through.

Ya Bana Village is a gated community for children located in Winterveldt, a Mabopane suburb, and includes small cluster homes, each able to house 6-8 children and a "house mom" to give children a real sense of security and offer many a first glimpse of what family life is all about. Read more about Ya Bana on the following page, or email us for more information.

Becky's passion is contagious and when she's not on a trip to South Africa, would welcome an invitation to speak with your church or civic organization. When you meet her and listen to her "God Stories" your heart will be challenged to make an investment of your time and resources. These children deserve our love and attention.